James Manning
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James grew up wanting to be an anthropologist. Upon hearing that he would have to work in places that did not have cable, he chose a different path that eventually led to a career in corporate training. He now writes about everything, hosts a radio show talking about nothing, and spends weekends obsessed with becoming a world renowned grilling aficionado.

Randomness: That Was You!?

If you’re involved with social media then you are aware of #tbt. That, of course, is Throwback Thursday and is the day when everyone in the world reaches into the archives of their lives and posts a p…

7 Don’ts on a First Date

By James Manning Men, when it comes to women, we can turn a layup into a 3-point shot at the buzzer to win the championship. There are no answers that explain why we do this; we just know it happens o…

In Defense of Chicago

I interact with a lot of people from around the country. Almost 30 weeks out of the year I am standing in front of individuals, many who are in Chicago for the very first time, asking where and what t…