Jaki Thomas
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Once upon a time in a land not too far away, there lived a superwoman. She donned a cape and wielded a red pen, attacking the deadly grammar and writing errors of Chicago students. This, however, was not enough. So at night, she tackled the task of raising a precocious teenage boy. And still, this was not enough. That was when she lifted her pen to question the world and the things that shape the world around her.

Music to Break Up To

by Jaki Thomas I don’t know about you, but every defining moment of my life has its own soundtrack. When I had my son, I was grooving to Will Smith’s “Just the Two of Us.” When I got my first paycheck…

Say That Again?

This Grammarian Laughs to Keep from Crying by Jaki Thomas I admit that I can be a bit of a grammar snob. I blame years of excellent teaching by phenomenal teachers who equipped me with the knowledge o…