Michael Dock
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Michael Dock, a native of Augusta, GA, is a contemporary fiction writer, singer, song-writer, and advocate for individuals with Mental Health illnesses and developmental disabilities. Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Georgia and is currently pursuing a Master's in Management through Boston University. Michael has written three novels, "Every Man, Every Woman", "A Man's Perspective", and "Addicted to Chaos". When he is not writing songs or involved in community service, Michael is busy being a single parent raising his two children, Kristian and Kaleb.

MUSIC: 6 to Sex

by Michael Dock Before I begin, I must say selecting a couple of songs as a top anything is hard. You are going to leave some people out. And with this countdown, you will not see Luther or Marvin. Th…

My Best Summer

by Michael Dock As I sat down to write about this, I thought about my summers here in Georgia. Normally, each summer is uneventful as I work throughout planning and setting up for the end of the year.…